Vogue Australia / 28 august 2018

By Francesca Wallace

This is international dressing, ladies and gentlemen.

Paris might be the chicest place on earth, and Milan the most glamorous, but Scandinavia’s cities should be known as the capitals of cool. Whether it’s their pared-back approach to colour, or their ability to make anything (including thongs!) seem effortless and trendy, Scandi women know a thing or two about dressing themselves. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise their homegrown labels make for the ultimate in cool girl dressing. Whether it’s statement furs or leopard print shirts you’re after, or that perfect minimalistic piece, the Scandis can do it all, with a slew of ultra cool local labels making international headlines for their approach to design. However, as we learnt during the recent Scandi fashion weeks, there’s a new era dawning for the region and their fashion, with an anything goes-attitude towards dressing which has dominated runways and proved the new Scandi cool girl isn’t always donning head-to-toe Acne Studios, but rather opts to mix and match their local and international. A quick look at Copenhagenand Oslo's street style set confirms it: the future of Scandinavian is all about individuality. Below, we’ve rounded up our favourite designers from Denmark, Sweden and Norway which best embody this bourgeoning spirit — because no one knows how to start a trend (or rid them altogether!) better than the Scandinavians.

Blogger and writer Natalie Joos started JoosTricot with the mission to make the perfect fitted jumper, but her foray into design has resulted in much more. A selection of matching two pieces, tops, jumpers and cover-ups, the brand’s way with colour has us reminiscing of our '80s and '90s sun-soaked school holidays — in the most grown up, 2018 way possible.

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Note from Natalie Joos: we are not a Scandinavian brand. Belgian, or LA based, at the most.